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Still at it.

So, when people ask me when Corrections will be done, I really don't know what to say.  It will be done, that much I can promise you, but I'll be honest I have no idea how long the remaining VFX work will take me.

I'm going to keep posting these screen captures so that I can make some of this process visible (it's otherwise meant to be invisible -- the best visual effects are ones you can't see) so that if you're interested in knowing how things are going, you can get a sense of where I am.  I'm currently plowing through the movie, trying to complete as many VFX shots as I can, and I'm deep into the longest, most difficult scene.

If you're watching these screen captures and trying to get a sense of my techniques, I hope they're informative, but I worry that they're too quick to register.  Still, in this versions I'm cleaning up the mattes from the previous batch and also refining the color correction. 

Prior to this I was just using the built-in Advanced Spill Suppressor in After Effects, but I am getting better results by combining it with the Channel Mixer and bringing back in the native luminance values.  I've not yet made this into a preset, but that's next.


Nicholas Tucker